Customer Care Procedure

Gleeson Homes Customer Care

After you have lived in your home for 9 months we will send you a form and ask you to list any minor defects that may have occurred.

When we receive your 9 month form or letter we will process it and contact you.  We will make arrangements for any work for which we are responsible to be carried out within an agreed time scale.

How to Report a Defect or Complaint

If you have a problem before the 9 month form arrives you should let us know by writing to:

Customer Care
Gleeson Homes
6 Europa Court
Sheffield Business Park
S9 1XE

Or e mail:

Or click here for to complete an on-line form

It is important that you report any defects or problems with your new Gleeson home as soon as possible in writing.  This ensures that there is a clear record of correspondence between you and Gleeson Homes and helps us comply with NHBC requirements.  We are sorry but notification of defects or complaints by telephone will not be accepted.

Once we have received your e mail we will process it quickly.  For defects where we are responsible, we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to attend your property.

Please bear in mind that we do not carry out routine maintenance or repair damage caused by the occupier.  We are not responsible for normal shrinkage, including shrinkage cracks to plaster or mortar joints in brickwork (unless a £1 coin fits easily into the crack).

What About Emergencies?

An “emergency” would be something that prevents you from occupying the house in safety and reasonable comfort.  If you have an emergency you should call us as soon as possible.